Professional Portfolio

CHD298: Seminar & Project

Competency Statements: Goal #4

Goal #4: To establish positive and productive relationships with families

I believe that is essential to establish trust and respect, as well as keeping open communications with the parents/guardians of the children in your care at all times.  I do this by welcoming and talking with the parents each and every single day at drop off and pick up.  In the morning, it is the perfect opportunity to ask the parents how their morning is going and how their child slept over the night; as well as trying to accurately read the parent or child to see if there is anything new I should be informed about. In the afternoon or  evening , I am able to share with the parents how their child’s day has gone. If the child had a particularly rough day, I share the undesirable behavior with the parent; along with at least one positive note. Also, I show the parents that I genuinely care about their child and their success by asking if there is some sort of disciplinary action plan they have at home that they would be willing to share with me to attempt eliminating the negative behavior while in their learning environment.

I also believe that accurate daily activity sheets for infants and toddlers should be completed and sent home with the parents at the end of each day. This way the parents can feel more trusting and connected to their child’s caregiver/s. These sheets show the parents several things:

  • the specific times of diaper changing and bowel movements
  • how much their child ate and what they ate
  • how much they slept and when they napped
  • how much they drank and what they drank (bottles)
  • comments about their child’s daily activities
  • any concerns, questions, or special notes

Another way I keep an open line of communication with the overly-busy parent in my classroom is to post and/or send home a weekly newsletter. Newsletters enable myself to inform the parents of the activities planned for the week to come.  What art projects they will be doing, which songs we will be singing and to encourage the parents involvement. It may also contain special articles and information pertaining to young children’s health, growth and development.

I encourage the parents to call or stop by at any time and see how things are going; or to join us for lunch if they are available.  It is important for the parents to feel welcome and as involved as they are possible.  I make it a point to work in partnership with parents to help reinforce positive and desirable behaviors and morals in young children. If consistency is kept between school and home expectations, the child will know their boundaries and what is expected of them regularly.

Trust, respect, consistency and communication are the four keys to establishing positive and productive relationships with families.


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